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Trying to Fit an 'X' into a Square Hole: The Xperience Factory's Sucket List

How the Publishing Companies' forced Author E Foster B to go the independent route with his book The Xperience Factory's Sucket List

Renee: So in case everyone doesn't know, E Foster B's novel is getting a lot of noise because he wrote this book, designing it like a travel brochure. It's incredible. The story is told through the reviews of people that went on these experiences. It's neat.

Well Bryan, and our members, we find out that all the publishing companies and agents that even considered his novel, they all demanded that he rewrite it, nixing the design. they said...

"It's too gimmicky."
"Writing formulas exist for a reason, they work."

As we see now, E Foster B ignored their offers and went ahead and published it the way he designed it. And for this exact reason, he is now getting interest from studios wanting to buy the rights. Why? Because they love the idea of breaking down the 4th wall and feel they can do that on screen too.

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