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There's No Story Here! China's Influence on Hollywood

Interview w/ Insider Nobodies # 3


Script Reviewer - Laura : "To sell movies to the growing Chinese middle class, writers have become marginalized by Hollywood studios."

Renee: "So what's the why?"

Laura: "Movie executives are dominantly only green lighting films with generic story lines to please both the Western and Chinese markets."

"If you distribute a movie with an elaborate story line, especially ones that breakdown the details of specific cultures, you tend to isolate huge audience at the expense of the other..." -Mikal - a Retired Studio Executive


"The formula is called...


Renee: "Any upside to this development?"

Laura: "While the typical theater filling Movie Industry turned its back on screenwriters, the good news is there's new market filling in the need for original stories and story telling. Competition between streaming services and TV Channels has found a hunger for original stories..."

Laura cont'd: "It's a little different than writing a whole screenplay on your own. While these writing careers involved team writing, you're still able to contribute creatively."

Convo - Word of Mouth # 4

At a coffee house in Laguna Beach, Marqet X sat around with writers discussing the new trends in TV and Film writing. During this discussion, we kept hearing another formula on how to write a studio selling screen play...

It's called, 'No. Don't Write that.' The breakdown is below:

Complicated Plot - No.
Homage - No. Nobody will understand what you're paying homage to
Irony - No. It will most likely be taken seriously.
Neologism - No. Don't dare create new words for a story.
American - No. Can't write anything pro-American.

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