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Sex Positions are Changing in the Movies

50 Shades of Grey have run out of color in the U.S.

Interview w/ Insider Nobodies # 6


Janet & Teresa - Scene Choreographers - Toronto Offices

Janet: "Due to move towards bracing equity in American society, consultants on movie sets have pushed for sex scenes to be less male dominant, despite the success of 50 Shades of Grey..."

Teresa: "For this reason, sex scenes have been rewritten in upcoming films to demonstrate equity, so viewers will be seeing more sixty-nine position between heterosexual sex scenes..."

Janet: "However, this push to show more equity in sex scenes is opposite for films made in China...."

Teresa: "In China, there is a concern that men are losing their masculinity, so there is a push to show sex scenes, where the man is in a more dominate position, such as doggy style."

"There's always the question if art affects culture or if culture affects art. Well, in this case, it's culture affecting art. I say that with full confidence because these changes are happening despite the success of 50 shades..."

- Roy Rogers - Movie Consultant

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