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Part 2 of 5 - Should Have Scene It

"You're not watching a show, You're watching a 10000 embedded commercials"

Interview with an Insider Nobody # 11

"It use to be that a company paid for advertising space (i.e. commercials) before, between, and after a show aired. Now, the most valuable advertising real estate is product placement with the shows/movies.

"Especially with the ability to fast forward through commercials or the use of streaming services, companies aggressively push to have their products placed in scenes of shows and movies..."

"Also, films now make most of their revenue from selling prop endorsement to companies. For instance, you sell jackets, great we have a scene with the characters wear jackets, pay up or we will sell to your competitors. Same with food, drinks, furniture....etc.

"The whole damn scene is for sale!"

"Watching a show or movie today is the same is driving down a highway through a endless stream of billboard signs. Unfortunately, just like billboards, they ruining the real scenery that we wanted to see in first the place."

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