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Part 1 of 5 - Should Have Scene It

Hollywood Production Companies are threatening to Remove Products of old Films

Interview with an Insider Nobody # 11

"To make up for declining revenue, Hollywood is asking several companies to pay for inadvertent product placement in older movies. They are blackmailing them essentially, to pay up or they'll remove their products from the films. Their argument is that products are getting free advertisements in the movies, playing on steaming services for example, so they have threaten to employ special effects to remove the products - even replacing them with a competitor, from the films...

"As example, if Ray-Bam received free product placement for its feature in The Breakfast Club or Macy's in Clue, then those companies should start paying for its products going forward. The studios' logic is 'while the movie was made in the past, the movie is still being shown today.'"

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