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Italian Author Umberto Eco find Immortality by "Killing Old People" in the the "Squid Game"...Sorta

Director of the "Squid Game," Hwang Dong-hyuk Prepares ‘Killing Old People Club’ as his next feature. In preparation for this new work, the director is leveraging the Umberto Eco's novel the "Killing Old People."

"Eco wrote too many mind bending works to go unnoticed by the next generation. This is feature, if done as well as the Squid Game, will bring Eco's works will become a par of the lexicon of the young people...and his works should be just that."
- Magazine Editor Randall R.

For authors, the ultimate goal of writing is to achieve immortality through their works. Every author hopes what they wrote lives long after them," - Street Poet M. Malcony.

There is the wide opinion that people should keep author's works alive by reading the original works. Meaning people, should read the books. However, Marqet X believes that a remake of the original (if done well) is a way of evolving a story through time. "West Side Story" might only keep the bones of Romeo & Juliet after it modernized the story, but the bones are what matters. Without modernizing Shakespeare's story, we might lose the story to the next generations and after.

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