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Ice, Ice, Baby.... Bio Flick

Anonymous Access # 11

Research Shows Generation X wants to see a Bio Pic about Vanilla Ice

Studio Records revealed that after a focus group proposed a bunch of 90s celebs for a potential bio pic, Robert Matthew Van Winkle was clear celebrity favorite.

"While nobody in the focus original thought, yeah, I want to see a bio about Vanilla Ice, the more we scrutinized celebrities, his story became the far"

What set Van Winkle's story apart from other names was that he didn't have just one great story to tell, nor were any of his stories typical. Think about it...

*He's white man who rose to the top of the rap game in the 90s

*Then as predicted, he took on the backlash of that fame (okay this part is a little typical)

*He dated Madonna

*Suge Knight allegedly robbed him and hung him over a hotel balcony

*In the end, he become a celebrity house flipper.

In the end of the research, we discovered that the story had more value that level of a celebrities fame

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