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Give Them the Birdies!

Word of Mouth #4:

Indie Golf Comedy Film is gaining Comparisons to the Great CaddyShack!!

"Birdies is a modern underdog tale about a washed up golf phenom who gets a job at a decaying golf community, Twin Pines, where maintaining a buzz is par for the course."

Find all the detail about the film HERE.

MarQet X found this movie showing up in the trend data of a streaming service site. It appears, that this is one of those films getting attention but still not getting the attention from more establish sources yet. After some our team watched it, we see why it's trending up in views!!

As it's popularity grows, this film brings back the nostalgia for comedies like CaddyShack and Happy Gilmore that so many beg see again in more modern terms.

We spoke with Insider Nobody and found out Birdie made it on the radar of a few Movie Executives. "We know that a few studios in Hollywood were looking at green lighting some sports comedies, but as this movies grows its audience, many want to copy this formula.

So you know the films making traction if others want to replicate it."

"Finally, I can laugh. I can cry. I can cry laughing. I can just root for the underdogs. It was chill time and missed having these times." -Rebecca A, from Raleigh, NC

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