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Our Focus

We represent the future award winning entertainers. Specifically the great Actors of the next generations, the most mind bending Artists of our time, phenomenal Film Makers forging the industry ahead, and Writers soon to be world renown.


Of course, our ability to showcase this talent, and the opportunity to show off their creativity wouldn't be possible without our other source of talent - the Investors.

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MarQet X represents some of the most trend setting actors in the world.  Our actors are not only visually appealing, they are experience. Live experience. As a requirement, MarQet X actors have performed live, usually in the theaters, so they're proven.



Working across multiple platforms, we need artists that can crossover and bring art in all forms - street, virtual, to the films.  

film makers

MarQet X is a leader in developing and sourcing the best film makers. We ensure the creation and distributions of premier films through our elite investors, who care about film just as much as we do.



We are force for creative writers in all industries, including film and television. We represent sought after storytellers whose create dynamic story lines that leave people salivating for more from the authors. Our talent own the original ideas.


We make it easy to invest. We offer a range of investment opportunities from direct investments in specific talents to broad investments in a variety of our talent to micro investment for the individuals that want to creatively diversify their investments.

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