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Our Story is Your Success Story


We aspire to see great artists expand the walls of reality. This aspiration led to a formula to seek and find talent that will break down these walls.  This formula proved itself and its worth. We have built valuable connections and a key eye to recognize real talent, and we mean real. Yes, real artists, real writers, real actors.


We, the founders, are uniquely position to access otherwise exclusive upcoming talent going on behind the great Hollywood sign and the talent rich cities of Atlanta, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York.  Due to our 2 decades of experience in the entertainment industry, we are position to be privy to the industry trends. We are able to find the next big talent, whether it someone who connects with a cultural movement or is a raw talent ready to explode on the big stage. With our connections and awareness, we have helped movie studios produce successful films, helped artists showcase and sell their work, and helped investors earn huge profits. Simply put, we discover the less recognized artists and their work that others, the broader audience,will love to consume, even if there isn't a business reason (too independent minded artist too commonly are denied avenues to be seen and sell their works for example) for denying them access to the greater market...And this is why we are called MARQET X.   

We Align the Stars


We are connected to many blockbusters and best sellers. Our secret is to be the best kept secret you have in the toolkit. That's why we make exclusive deals that prove we're hustling for you as much as we are hustling for our clients. So shhh!!! But we have what you need, a partner on the download willing to do the dirt to plant the next great hit.

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